Ashfaq Rah – Intrepid Traveller / Photographer

Lives in : New Delhi

Favourite Destination : Andaman Islands

Ashfaq is a tirelessly curious wanderer and travel photographer whose main passion lies in capturing ancient cultures and human conditions in unique, challenging situations. His range is fairly broad, but whether he is photographing nomadic shepherds in Himalayas or life in the traditional villages of Rajasthan his common aim is always the same – to capture the human element.

He is a member of The Indian School of Photography – a prestigious institution that focuses on live workshops in India. Ashfaq also develops cultural photo tours, predominantly in North India and also leads photography expeditions in the Indian North East & Ladakh. He says that his strongest abilities are listening, connecting and collaborating with people from different backgrounds and his style and approach is to "Explore, Create & Inspire"

Tahir Rah – Special Projects Developer

Currently lives in : Srinagar

Favourite Destination : Udaipur (Rajasthan)

An avid book reader on the history and culture of India & Central Asia, Tahir is our in-house Special Projects Developer who loves to work on new trips as well as do project management, writing, content designing, editing and creating new information products. His planning generally comes up as an idea, which he then dramatically expands to produce some wonderful travel itineraries that we offer in India. He particularly enjoys methodically getting large complex projects done and says "that's when beauty emerges". Each summer he can be found in the beautiful valley of Kashmir where he holds the office for field operations in North India.ing versions of Lorem Ipsum.

Shahid Rah – Travel Specialist

Lives in : New Delhi

Favourite Destination : Ladakh

Growing up in the Kashmir Himalayas, Shahid has always loved exploring the great outdoors. Driven by his sense of discovery and fearless spirit, his love for nature and adventure has inspired others to live out their wildest dreams. Specializing in custom made experiences; he has forged relationships in the furthest corners of India that allow him to create truly life enriching experiences for his clients. He has always been passionate about traveling in Indian Himalayas and has explored the region widely. The focus is to bring the mix of eperiences and the unmatched services to the reality… . And he always believe travel is the idea of living!

"We are incomplete without the support of our team working behind the scene Tirelessly and Passionately"

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